About VRM

Leveraging Technology to Maximize Revenue


We are an effective, cost saving extension of EMS organizations with a goal of increasing receivables.  Whether you use a third-party service or do it in house, our integrated, comprehensive service provides EMS organizations with more accurate billing, lower fees and increased savings of up to 5% over their current ambulance billing costs.  Our priority is to maximize revenue that far exceeds costs.

Since we exclusively bill for EMS/Ambulance Agencies, our priority is maximizing reimbursements for services rendered.

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Our billing service was specifically designed to achieve superior results to include:


Maximizing Revenue and Efficiency

Maintaining Compliance

Deep and Transparent Reporting

What We Do...The VRM Process



  • Instantly verify insurance benefits and make billing adjustments
  • Follow-up on accepted, rejected, and overdue claims quickly and easily
  • File accurate claims and see quicker reimbursements with our medical billing software
  • Real-time claims processing
  • Real-time remittance processing
  • Custom clearinghouse

Our Mission is to provide the most proactive, innovative and customer oriented EMS billing service in the industry

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Why Choose Us...

VRM's comprehensive Revenue Management services uses the latest technology and the most experienced and accredited medical coding professionals to streamline your operations, reduce costs and grow your revenue.

We are an extension of your staff and the "bridge" between you and the reimbursement deserved for services rendered.

We are EMS billing experts.  We use only the best software, personnel and billing clearing houses.

Our Priority


VRM is "The Pulse of your Financial Heath".  Since we exclusively bill for EMS agencies, our priority is maximizing reimbursements for services rendered through increased efficiency and cost reduction.  VRM will provide you with a custom solution that will not only reduce costs but increase revenue.



Developed by EMS professionals for EMS professionals, we specialize in EMS/Ambulance billing.  Built on the premise of providing a proactive and innovative billing service with exceptional customer service and attention to detail, VRM is highly respected in the EMS billing service industry.



With a complex billing landscape, agencies need to stay apprised of the rules, regulations and billing procedures.  Our Comprehensive Revenue Management Service uses the latest technology and the most experienced and accredited medical coding and billing professionals to streamline operations and grow revenue.



VRM provides FULL visibility, accessibility and clarity to detailed, real-time claim activity allowing you to see exactly where you are within the claim process...not just a report summary or dashboard populated with info your current billing service or software "wants" you to see.



What To Expect

  • Up to 5% savings over your current billing costs
  • Increased efficiency and cost reduction
  • Optimized revenue so you can expand capacity
  • Supplement to existing staff for accelerated turnaround and increased accuracy
  • Maximized collections and revenue generation
  • Proactive claims filing process and revenue recapture which helps to alleviate unnecessary denials and appeals
  • Accelerated turnaround and increased accuracy
  • Full transparency and open communications
  • Real-time claims with direct access to your detailed, granular claim activity
  • Fully accredited dedicated account team
  • Mitigated compliance risk with certified ambulance coders
  • Custom clearinghouse